The Royal Monachy of Brittania

Brittania follows the rule of King George and Queen Gabrielle, they mostly rule in peace and happiness but there is always unrest in a kingdom ready to expand.

If you live in Brittania you have the choice of working for a living, running from the guards while sleeping in gutters, or joining the military. Unless of course, you’re a noble. Nobles find themselves with time to spare, owing mostly to the riches of their families and businesses. They hold massive galas and parties, drink themselves into oblivion and eat banquets that would make a beggar drown in his drool. The Military however, survives on their bitter and low wages, save what they can earn in their own time and the divided loot of any captured Pirate ship.

There’s much money to be made in smithing or refining, though both are backbreaking work that will mostly go to the military. Any sale not to royal sources from such work will be sifted by a small price that goes directly to the crown, larger than on military goods but less of a profit either way.


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