The Pirate Revolution

Welcome to the Open Seas!
A blog for your campaign

Who will dare to sail the dark seas abroad, risking life, limb, loot and ship. There’s all manner of dangers in these and other waters from the depths of the ocean come the sharks and other monsters most on the land only have heard stories of, and of course pirates sailing out to take what they will claim as their own.

Then again, on land there’s plenty to be wary or afraid of. Deep in the swamps of Innosia there’s tales of witches and demons, Brittania has it’s share of beggars willing to cut your purse or throat, whichever gets them some coin. And in Xiansho the Empire is not one to question what manner of criminal you are before indenturing you. All it will take is their word and you’re in irons. Be wary lads and lasses! Even before the edges of the map, here there be monsters of all kinds!


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